Friday, August 30, 2013

kinfolk, 673 bourke st

My visit to kinfolk about a month back was exciting, encouraging and inspiring (I'll explain 'inspiring' later). It's cosy and warm (literally!) and as I waited for the girls outside, I noticed that wasn't just an adventure for someone like me, but also the local coffee-spot for many in the city.

The guy at the counter greeted a familiar face with a bright smile and said, "The usual?" I look forward to the day I have enough money to grab a coffee everyday and have 'the usual'.

 What's inspiring about kinfolk are their volunteers and their advocacy for developmental projects all around Australia. There's a real focus on kinfolk being not just another cafe in Melbourne, but a movement to bring about change and opportunity for the community they are a part of.

free flat white to celebrate kinfolk reaching another grand for donations

(L) asian mushrooms, goat's curd, roquette, grated macadamia, open sandwich (+ pork);
(R) cauliflower risotto w/ sauteed rainbow chard, parmesan cheese (+ pork)

On top of the great initiatives and visions that the cafe stands for, the food was thankfully just as amazing! Kinfolk's menu changes everyday depending on what fresh produces are available. While some might consider that frustrating, I think that's great and adds on to the casual atmosphere of the cafe. You can however, stay updated on their FaceBook page here.

I personally had the (last) open sandwich (for the day) on the left and the girls had the risotto on the right. Highlight of the sandwich was the grated macadamia which I personally thought was ingenious to include in a sandwich. As Masterchef judges would say, "It's texturally great!" Note also to all the vegetarians out there that pork is optional so I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much. I also did have a taste of the risotto and it was definitely a filler, especially for lunch. The stock was flavoursome and the risotto, to my best understanding, was cooked well! Note however that I am not Italian. Also, my flat white was smooth with the right amount of bitterness and froth. I have heard that their chai tea is amazing so, there's a recommendation!

673 bourke st, melbourne
0423 229 953
price point: ~$15
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listening to: silver by woodlock lemons

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